Kaitlyn Rasmussen

a little about me


Hey, there! I'm Kaitlyn Rasmussen, a graphic designer here in sunny San Diego. 

Long before I knew what graphic design was I was drawn to art and aesthetics, whether it be fine art or the naturally occurring beauty of the outdoors. So its no surprise that as soon as I was introduced to graphic design I was hooked. 

Since September 2015 I've been a part of the in-house creative team at Designer Protein, LLC. Labels, print and digital ads, posters, sell sheets, digital mocks and more, we provide for all the company's graphic design needs.

Outside of design, I am a jane of all interests. Whether it be exploring locally or abroad, getting lost in a book or working on my next knitting project (its cooler than its sounds I swear! :) ), I love doing a little of everything.